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The mobile phone from our pockets actually represents an extension. An extension of the ear, eyes, of the vocal cords and even of the brain. The mobile phone, and recently the smartphone knows to do everything we do: listens, talks, looks, shows, tells and the most important – communicates! Obviously this communication is possible only if we are connected to the network, and in the Republic of Moldova, in order to connect to the surrounding world we can choose one of the three mobile phone operators: Orange, Moldcell and Unite. 

According to what criteria do the Moldovans guide themselves when they choose the mobile operator? Do we let ourselves be conquered by the emotional commercials of the operator or we decide coldly, when we first compare the network coverage maps of each operator and study the tariffs penny by penny?

Three operators – three colors – a wealth of advertising

Magenta Consulting carried out a study with the aim of learning the opinion of the internet users from Moldova regarding the advertising of the mobile operators. Also, the survey established the rate of Moldovans who identify or recognize their belonging to the “family” of the Moldovan mobile operator whose services they use.

Three mobile phone companies for a country of only 350 km in length and 150 km in width and with a population of less than four million people are not few. The competition between the three operators may be read not only in the variety of advantageous offers, but also in the imagination and talent the commercials and advertising campaigns are made for each in part.

So, in order to learn the attitude of the internet users regarding the advertising of the mobile operators, we first asked them about the commercial of which of the operators they saw at least once in the last month. The advertising of the operator Orange wins in this top with a score of 80%, being followed by Moldcell advertising (73%), and Unite remains on the third place (47%), being the least present in the last month either on the displays of the interviewees or in their memory.

Ours. Each day changes with. Your national operator

The 30 seconds commercial that is played on TV day and night ends absolutely with a slogan (one of the main laws of marketing). So, each mobile phone company during its history used one or another slogan, hook expressions, which are quickly and easily memorized and which create associations with the brand they are attached to.

The next aspect of the Magenta Consulting survey sought to find out which ones of the sticky expressions used by the operators are easier to identify. The internet users were given a list of slogans that were to be correlated with each operator in part. See in the image below the list established by the Magenta researchers.

Mobile phone operators who use the expressions indicated in the chart, according to the opinion of the respondents, %

With a rate of 91% is recognized the motto of the operator Orange “Each day changes with Orange”, on the second place is “Ours” – 82% identified that this slogan belongs to the company Moldcell. The slogans ranked on the third and fourth place also belong to the operators Moldcell “Born in Moldova” and Orange accordingly “Rejoice the child in you”. The Unite slogan “From your national operator” took the 5th place in the top of the most memorable slogans of mobile operators from the Republic of Moldova, accumulating 59%.

It is interesting the fact that only 12% of the respondents associate the slogan of the company Moldtelecom/Unite “It is nice to receive more” with this company. 40% of the respondents believe that this slogan belongs to the company Orange and 32% believe it belongs to the company Moldcell.

According to the respondents, the most pleasant slogans are “It is nice to receive more” (Unite), “Born in Moldova” (Moldcell), “Each day changes with Orange” and “Rejoice the child in you” (Orange). It is worth mentioning the fact that these four sticky expressions got to top three with a small score difference compared to the other slogans.

The most pleasant slogans according to the respondents (mark from 1 to 5)

The survey managed to also calculate the degree of sympathy of the clients of the mobile operators towards the advertising of their operator and that of the competition.

Therefore, the advertising of the company Orange is liked by:

83% of Orange users;

59% of Moldcell users;

27% of Unite users.


Advertising of the company Moldcell is liked by:

85% of Moldcell users;

60% of Orange users;

30% of Unite Users.


Advertising of the company Unite is liked by:

63% of Unite users;

53% of Moldcell users;

37% of Orange users.

How much of family persons are the users of mobile phone services?

One of the aims of the advertising videos and slogans consists not only in promoting and selling the products, but also in bringing the client into a community, playing on one of the most essential necessities of the human being – that of fitting into a certain public, a certain circle of interests or occupations.

From the analysis of the data resulted from the survey, Magenta Consulting found that 62% of the Orange users feel that they would be part of the “Orange family”, while 19% of them claimed they did not relate to this group. In the case of the operator Moldcell, 55% of the Moldcell users identify themselves with “ours”, while 25% answered negatively.

Even if we know that behind the motivating and inspirational commercials realized for promoting the products of the mobile operators is primarily the commercial interest, anyway we will shed a tear at a story about ours, we will be proud (maybe for the first time in life) that we are born in Moldova, that we also have a national operator and we will remember to rejoice the children in us.

Methodology: The survey was carried out by Magenta Consulting on a conventional sample of 335 respondents, with an error margin of +/-5% at a confidence interval of 95%. The data were collected during the period 21 May – 11 June, 2015. The data were gathered from the questionnaires collected through the online survey platform