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He is Ion, Ion lived a long life 50 years from which he served for his labor book. During 50 years of getting up, going to work, spending time with the family, going to bed, having fun at the weekends, Ion spent in total 11 years working, at his job, in order to earn money. Billions of people on Earth and millions in the Republic of Moldova have the same schedule as Ion. A lot of us work hard and honestly an entire life in order to fulfill our dreams and rarely bring them all to completion. Things would have been different if each of us could have the opportunity to win a million at the lottery.

Moldovans would invest a million lei in real estate, comfort, business and memories

The Magenta Consulting team found out how Moldovans would act in case they won a million lei at the lottery. Because a million lei is a lot for a simple employee, each respondent had the right to answer for what he/she would spend the money in the first, second and third place. Thus, a third of Moldovans would first of all invest the winning in a dwelling or car – 33%, 18% would invest in a business, and 11% would invest in memories – they would go to travel.

In the case of the second and the third place as importance of the destination for the money won at the lottery, the preferences of Moldovans for a dwelling, car, business and travelling are at the top and only trade places among themselves, but some new leaders appear too. Among the choices are such actions as charity – 16% of Moldovans would donate the won money to an orphanage or a person who needs this money more. Another third of Moldovans made the choice in favor of “dark days”, more exactly 31% of respondents would keep the money for days when they would particularly need money.

Activities Moldovans would undertake in case of winning a million at the lottery, %

The category of Moldovans who would buy a house or a car with the won money is to the greatest extent represented by persons who have not yet reached the age of 30 years, at the same time the share for those older than 30 years old is not much lower. Among the persons who would go to travel on the obtained money after getting the lucky ticket, the majority are young people aged up to 22 years old, pupils or students, and persons who have a monthly income above 15 thousand lei.

Among those who would invest the money in a business, a great part – 38% are those who already have their own business. The most diverse are, however, the Moldovans who would keep the winning in value of one million lei for the situations when they would need them the most. Therefore, a great share in this category have the inhabitants of the North area of the Republic of Moldova, persons aged between 30 and 40 years old, widows or widowers, persons who are in a cohabiting relationship, and those who have an income of over 20 thousand lei. The million was distributed; all that is left is to pick the lucky ticket!

Methodology: The survey was carried out by Magenta Consulting on a sample of 1129 persons. The data from this survey are representative at national level and have an error margin of ±3% with a confidence interval of 95%. The data were collected in the period 22 September - 8 October, 2015.