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There are not many people in the world for which only hearing the word „travelling" does not make their eyes light up. Of course regarding travelling, everyone has different preferences. Some people are more inclined to enjoy passive and relaxing leisure, lying on the beach in the morning and wandering through restaurants in the evening, with an afternoon nap in the breeze of refreshing air. Others are afraid not to lose any minute of their holidays and thus they plan the entire trip by the minute: in the morning, an excursion to the mountains; in the afternoon, scuba diving; and at night a city tour. Despite the fact that travel is possible at any time of year, yet the vast majority of our citizens consider it a summer activity.

In a study conducted by Magenta Consulting on a sample of 3,000 respondents in 132 towns and villages in Moldova, respondents were asked to answer a few questions about their preferences within the tourism field.

Ever since we were students, from the geography lessons, we are dreaming to visit the romantic France, foggy England and, of course, the much desired America. But the reality often does not correspond to our dreams, and, once again we find ourselves on a bus traveling to Romania, or, worst case scenario - to Ukraine. The survey revealed that despite the fact that the most desirable destinations are France and Italy, where 46% and respectively 45% of the respondents would prefer to travel, yet the share of those who spent their last vacation in Ukraine is much bigger (71%). The border with Romania has closed, and now the huge queues at the consulate disappear just in the weekend. Whether on holiday or business, we still visit with a certain frequency our neighbors (31%). In recent years, resorts in Bulgaria and Turkey have become more popular. As to destinations such as Egypt, the political turmoil and dangerous sharks have reduced their attractiveness. Besides, the price of these travel packages makes them not accessible to everyone.

Fig. 1: Travel destinations, %

Fig. 2: Awareness of travel agencies, %