Marketing consulting

For some of our clients the market research results provided by Magenta Consulting are enough for making marketing related decisions.  In other cases, clients need more complex services that include data interpretation and development of concrete actions aimed for company’s profit growth.

Magenta has a vast experience in marketing consulting, which includes the following services:

Communication strategy permits to effectively focus marketing efforts to only the most profitable and wished customers, without shredding marketing budget.

Implementation support of advertising campaigns assumes the control of effectiveness in developing and placing advertising in order to reach concreate client’s goals related to the growth in sales and profits.

Market entry assistance for a new company or a new product permits minimizing company’s risks due to a detailed activity planning based on the received market information.

Loyalty development strategy is based on identification of the most profitable clients and development of mechanisms of their retention, attraction and rising of brand fidelity.

Marketing trainings help raising the level of marketing culture in a company and, as result, the efficiency of its marketing activity.

Marketing audit permits revealing the internal reserves of a company and channeling them for improving the marketing activity’s efficiency and company’s profits.