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Conception or contraception

There was no sex in the USSR, but children were born, and after the breaking-up of the Soviet Union, the birth rate started to decline. Did people give up on sex or they learned how to protect themselves? Contraception – side effects, nausea,... lifestyle

Trade mark of health

For his own health a person will always find money A lot of institutions and companies, like fitness clubs, private clinics and drugstores, are guided by this principle. It often happens that people have really bad pains and endure them as long... business, lifestyle

The top of the security agencies

Summer is almost over… Besides the fact that a large majority managed to enjoy their vacations and holidays, went travelling abroad, away from the everyday issues encountered in town and forgot, at least for a while, about everything that was... business, marketing

We prefer tasty juices

Leaving behind a long and cold winter, during which our body’s vitamin reserves were depleted, we enter the warm period of year exhausted and vulnerable to diseases and changes in temperature. In order to face this transit period it is necessary... marketing

Find out who are the happiest employers from urban area

As part of the research series about the life style of the citizens from the Republic of Moldova, Magenta Consulting estimated the degree of satisfaction of the employers from urban area. The data was collected on a sample of 1400 respondents... lifestyle

Moldavians preferences of having lunch in town

We wake up sleepy in the morning, sip coffee made in haste and barely get to eat something before we find ourselves among the thousands of people rushing to work. We drink another cup of coffee at work, light a cigarette or take a piece of... lifestyle