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The level of trust in means of information

According to data collected by Magenta Consulting in May 2010, from 1400 respondents aged over 15 years, from 24 urban centers of the country, recommendations recorded the highest level of trust as an information source (61%), followed by... marketing, advertising

How do Moldavians fight stress?

It’s beginning of summertime. The days become longer, which means that we have more time to work, or to stay with our families, either to get into fights and get back together, or not finding any solution for our issues, or even trying to fight... lifestyle

The happiness that comes with chocolate

With milk or dark, aerated or with certain extra ingredients, sweet or bitter, with fruits or with walnuts …in tablets, bars, pralines or in liquid form – all these are diversities of the same product the chocolate. This universal dessert,... marketing

Reading habits and intelectual health in Moldova

According to Radio Guerilla on a day of  saturday - “For your intellectual health, it is recommended you read at least 20 pages of book per day”. The world of books is a fascinating world for those willing to dedicate their time... lifestyle

May holidays through the eyes of Moldovans

Moldova is the land of never-ending holidays. Only our nation celebrates Christmas and New Year twice a year, we observe both Valentine’s Day, and the more traditional love holiday - „Dragobete”, and in May, we like to celebrate... lifestyle