Magenta Consulting is the first consulting company in Moldova specializing in strategic marketing, market and social research based on „smart” solutions.

By using new technologies and exclusive tools, we deliver to our clients personalized access to online reports within a much faster time than it is usually practiced in the industry. Our competitive advantage is the combination of the in-house research with consulting services.


Founded in 2006, Magenta Consulting has a vast experience in accomplishing of more than 800 of projects in marketing consulting, market research, social and political studies, public policy development, trainings and coaching, which resulted in well-informed decisions and improvements for both local and foreign clients.

Core specialization

  • Strategic marketing — identification of Unique Selling Proposition (USP), company and product positioning, customer segmentation;
  • Strategic communication —  developing of company communication strategy focused on the target audience, containing personalized consistent messages;
  • Marketing research —  studying the situation in different sectors of the market, consumer preferences,  main competitors and new trends on the market;
  • Social and political research —  evaluation of public opinion regarding social and political phenomena using the most advanced research techniques;
  • Public policy  —  ex-ante analysis and applying different models for developing public policy in various sectors;
  • Support in business development — strategy and tactics development focused on business growth; 
  • Organizational diagnosis for big companies, start-ups, small and medium enterprises;
  • Consumer psychographic profile.


Magenta offers a range of services that is unique on the market:

  • Magenta National Screening — using an omnibus research for observing and evaluating in dynamics customer behavior, company notoriety, usage and attitude for studies products.  
  • Magenta Mystery Shopping — primary audit, KPI development, monitoring and developing recommendations focused on improving client service by the front line personnel.
  • Magenta NPS — evaluation of brand health and brand promotion score among customers.
  • Magenta Customer Satisfaction Index — monthly monitoring of the existent and resigned clients’ satisfaction.
  • Magenta Loyalty Development – loyalty strategies development.

In its day-to-day practice, Magenta Consulting applies widely recognized research techniques that are permanently updated in order to be always in line with the modern developments.


Since 2008, Magenta Consulting is acknowledged by ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research), in this way following the professional and ethical codes established in consulting, and being the first company from Moldova acknowledged by this organization.

Magenta Consulting is also proud to receive the international award for excellence in consulting being selected a Consultant of the Year by the Gabriel Al-Salem foundation during an international annual conference “Consulting without borders” that took place in February 2013.

Clients – more than 800 successful projects read more->

Our services address public and non-governmental organizations, international organizations, political parties and private sector.

During the last 8 years we have successfully implemented over 800 projects in the fields of research, consultancy, promotion & communication and policy development. We have a vast experience in research and consulting in such areas as retail (Metro Cash&Carry, Linella, Supraten, Romstal, MallDOVA), FMCG (Nestle, Coca-Cola, Efes, Orhei-Vit, Rogob, Delmark, Rusnac Aquatrade, Sudzucker), mass-media (Jurnal TV, Adevarul, Aquarelle, Business Class, VIP Magazin, Punkt, Aici TV), gas stations (Lukoil, Petrom, Rompetrol), telecommunications (Moldtelecom, Moldcell, Starnet, Conect, Sun Communications), banks (Victoriabank, EuroCreditBank, Mobiasbank) and many others.

Our social research clients are World Bank, IFC, GALLUP, OMS, IRI, USAID, GIZ, UNDP, UNICEF, UNWOMEN, WHO, Chemonics International, Development Alternatives Inc., IPP, Soros Foundation and other international organizations, NGOs and public authorities.

Research logistics

  • office with over 250 sq. m., equipped with all necessary tools (PCs, printers, scanners, voice recorders etc.) and communications (telephone, internet, email etc.), equipment for CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews) research, focus groups premises with live streaming, which assure the highest quality of the work performed;
  • use of the best software for quantitative research such as SPSS, and several software designed especially for our company;
  • 350 field interviewers speaking Romanian and Russian languages;
  • vehicles for field interviews.

Professional team

Since 2006 our team grew to 24 full-time consultants, 6 of them being senior consultants, which makes Magenta the biggest private research company in Moldova.

The key staff of the company has an excellent educational background in prestigious European and local universities and business schools in the field of Marketing, Statistics, Sociology, Psychology, Consulting, Management, Finance, Politic Studies, International relationships and International Business.  

We introduced in Moldova many international research practices and the western type of thinking. However, we are a local company, built up from scratch in Moldova and we fully understand the local specifics and the problems that are facing the Moldovan society and business community. Therefore, we manage to tailor, when needed, the international practices to the local situation.


Magenta Consulting guarantees absolute confidentiality of the information obtained during the accomplished studies due to the well-structured process and restricted access to information. In this way, Magenta Consulting developed a reputation that allows working simultaneously with many companies that are into a direct competition in the market, without any information leaks or use of information in detriment of any competitor.

Quality Statement

The quality control of the output is the core principle of Magenta Consulting work. This includes an obligatory pilot testing of the questionnaires before the main survey, which allows assuring that the terminology used in the questionnaire is correct and the respondents correctly understand the questions. The obligatory trainings with the interviews assures that they understand all the questions and can explain them to respondents when needed. All the questionnaires coming to the office are verified for the precision and coherence of the responses, also taking into account the verification questions.

While doing quantitative studies Magenta uses a double entry method of data (to avoid the errors caused by human factor in data input process) as well as applies all the relevant statistical such as frequency mapping, use of field Check Tables, statistical tests of correlation and significance tests.

Magenta Consulting verifies validity of at least 30% of questionnaires when accomplishing quantitative studies, thus assuring the highest standards of the output quality. This is done at expense of Magenta, so that we can proudly position ourselves as a company that puts the quality and reliability of the collected data among its top priorities.