Magenta Consulting provides marketing consulting services and accomplishes social and market research in Moldova since 2006.
Our team of professional consultants, own logistics of research, more than 800 of successfully accomplished projects, absolute confidentiality of information, understanding the essence of our clients’ problems – all those factors serve as a foundation for our growth based on the growth of our clients.

Magenta Consulting is a member of the European Society of Market Research Professionals (ESOMAR). We are the first Moldovan company accredited by this organization and corresponding to its ethical and professional requirements.

Marketing research

To improve business performance, we recommend the following studies:

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM)
  • Eye-Tracking,
  • Mystery Shopping


All of the studies mentioned can be adjusted to meet your particular needs or expectations.  

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Marketing consulting

For a well-planned strategic marketing activitywe provide:

  • Marketing strategies + Action plan for 1 year
  • Loyalty strategies + Action plan for 1 year


Strategies developed by us will streamline the work of the your marketing department, which will surely boost the company's sales revenue.    

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Mystery shopping

This simple and effective service will help you assess the level of customer’s satisfaction in your restaurant or store.

You can monitor the progress of the project in real time by accessing an online secured platform. The results of the study will help you increase your client’s loyalty.

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Public opinion and political research

We implement social and political research projects for local and international organizations, NGOs via such methods as:

  • Survey
  • Focus group
  • Depth interview


We have carried out hundreds of projects for our clients collecting data and delivering analytical reports. 

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Insights & Publications

We drink water from stores or from wells? What does Moldovans answer

We are what we eat, and what we drink as well, in aproportion of 70-80%. Many of us choose, in gratitude and as a tradition, to bring water from the spring that was made by our great grandfathers. Others likes the water from the well, that is in t...

Top activities suitable for children during holiday time

School is the duty number one for pupils. What are they doing, when they have no homework to do? Magenta Consulting have found entertainment activities that are suitable for children between 8 and 10 years old, according to Moldovans opinion. Boy...


Business Barometer – quarterly analysis of the business environment

  Magenta Consulting continues to evaluate the development of the autochthonous business environment, by carrying out quarterly the Business Barometer in cooperation with the Moldovan-German Economic Cooperation Association and the Chamber of C...

Magenta Consulting presented a study realized for the first time in the country at the International Academy of Business

Who are they and how did people in leadership positions from the largest companies in Moldova reach the top? A detailed research on this topic has been made, for a period of 3 years, by the research and marketing consultancy company- Magenta Consu...


Online polls

Take part in online polls and win prizes.

Mystery Shopping

Most complex solution for increasing the quality of your service.


We measure and grow customer brand loyalty.