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Our health as a path to happiness

As sociological studies show, for several years Moldova continues to be on the list of most unhappy countries. In 2008 Moldova was ranked on the 96th place of a total of 98, followed by Armenia and Zimbabwe. Lack of reasons for happiness may be... social, lifestyle

Most preferred advertisement means in Moldova

As the quote from an old movie says “Рекламадвигательторговли” (Advertisement is the motor of trade), nowadays it seems that this advertising is becoming more and more different. Advertisement itself is a basic instrument of communication with... marketing, advertising

On what do we save in crisis?

In strong relation to the economic crisis that has hit our country, and also correlating to the number of returned emigrants and the decrease in remittances’ value, Moldovans are foretelling a series of expenditure cuts. Obviously, these... lifestyle

Thirst - presented in figures and brands

The markets of beer, soft drinks and mineral water have recorded during 2006 the following development trends: 23%, 18% and respectively 13%. One year later the situation recorded opposite shifts, as the highest value of market growth... marketing

Happy, but emigrant

Within further evaluation of happiness in Moldova, where 64% of respondents declared themselves happy, we want to introduce another theme reported in this issue - the desire to go abroad. This research is based on data from the Magenta National... lifestyle