Lilia Fusa

Company : Colgate-Palmolive Company

Current job position : Assistant Brand Manager, Global Marketing Development Program


The experience I had at Magenta helped me to discover my passion for marketing. Though I haven't spent a lot of time here, before going to studies, the projects in which I was involved were very interesting and diverse. At Magenta I have learned how different industries work and the way in which various categories of products are perceived by the Moldavian consumers. However, Magenta is much more than a job. This team of nice, smart and well-disposed people make you want to go to office every morning, inspire you to grow, learn and bring important contributions to your work. That is why, every time I visit Magenta I feel that I am coming back home.



Arcadie Albul

Company: European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main

Current job position: Reporting Specialist, Financial Reporting and Policy Division 

The time spent at Magenta was indeed very special. It was my first full-time employment and I was lucky to be amongst one of the first two Magenta Consulting employees. As any start-up, there were several obstacles along the way - for the company, and for me, in particular. However, learning from these - we have both grown. At Magenta I have learned to be a more structured and critical thinker, but at the same time creative. I have developed some essential career skills - understanding what the client wants, as well as the manager's demands, what "deadline" means and how "sacred" is to express your thoughts clearly.  These are some basic principles, but for those who do not posses them, it will result very hard to advance in their career and it will result difficult to work with others. A particular matter regarding the experience gained at Magenta constitutes the reports. I still recall their unique, easy-to-read style and easy-to-perceive formatting. I have learned that reports should be hard to write, but easy to read - not the other way around. I believe that even now I associate these reports with Apple products - simple, but extremely robust and functional. After Magenta I followed a career in the financial sector, working for PricewaterhouseCoopers. At the moment I am working at the European Central Bank, in Frankfurt. It is important to mention that even though Magenta is a local company, the working environment is the same as in the big international companies. The colleagues at work were absolutely extraordinary, having learned something from each of them. Few companies in Moldova succeed in creating such an atmosphere of mutual respect within the company. Magenta team is young, dynamic, creative and I hope it will always be this way!



Igor Garabajiv

Company: Maestro-Nut

Current job position: Manager Export

Magenta Consulting was my first employer, where I have honed my teamwork capabilities, the deep data analysis abilities and I have understood how to satisfy the needs of our customers. In order to collect as much as possible required information for taking a decision regarding brands, slogans, packages we were using focus groups and depth interviews. At Magenta I have learned how the research reports must be organised, so that the manager 's opinion seemed to be obvious, thanks to the enough explicit information. Today, having my current job position of an Export Manager within the Maestro-Nut company, which is a market leader in exporting nuts, the activity reports are essential for the business efficiency analysis and annual strategic planning. The responsibility for providing precise and comprehensive information dictates that the presented report should communicate a strategic path for the next year.

Critical thinking and attention to market performance which I have gained at Magenta have allowed me to become a member of the working group for elaboration of the Marketing Strategic Plan of Wine Export from Moldova. The group consists of representatives of local wine companies, delegates of export promotion organizations from Moldova and branch agencies. Overall I am glad that I have had my contribution to the Magenta Consulting company prosperity, alongside professionals, who currently occupy leading and senior positions.  The weight of my experience at Magenta Consulting is obvious.