Marketing research

Magenta Consulting accomplished marketing research in Moldova since 2006, studying customer preferences and expectations, their attitude towards certain products or brands, consumer patterns, loyalty and other factors that influence the buying decision. To get a better understanding of the types of research done by our company you can follow the links below: 

Customer satisfaction analysis

allows a better understanding of how much your customers are predisposed to continue purchasing your goods or being served by your company, and also their intention to recommend your company to their relatives and friends.

Brand Health Tracking

allows evaluating on a permanent base the level of knowledge, trust and use of the brand by customers.  (→ 2.1.2.)

Retail audit is done in order to compare the company share in sales of different products in various distribution channels with the sales of competitors. It can be done in dynamics, both for value and volume parameters. (→ 2.1.3.)

Usage & Attitude is a type of research thatstudies interaction of customers with certain goods or services of the company or competitors. (→ 2.1.4.)

Market segmentation consists in identification of potential groups of customers for a certain product or service who have common buying patterns and react in the same way to certain sales promotion methods. (→ 2.1.5.)

Psychographic customer profile is a method of grouping of customers basing on their lifestyle, life values and psychological similarity. (→ 2.1.6.)

Unique Selling Proposition development implies identification of a set of selling points that directly appeal to the customers’ needs and can distinguish the company from the competitors. (→ 2.1.7.)

Market analysis includes evaluation of macroeconomic indicators of, market conjuncture and forecast for certain studied industries. (→ 2.1.8.)

Price testing using PSM method permits establishing an optimal price that customers are ready to pay for a concrete product or service. (→ 2.1.9.)

Product pre-testing permits avoiding mistakes of  launching products to the market that can be rejected by consumers due to inadequate technical or organoleptic characteristics. (→ 2.1.10.)

Advertising and packaging tests at the initial pre-launch phase permit selecting the most “selling” design and content of advertising materials and packaging, therefore maximizing the return on the money invested into an advertising campaign. (→ 2.1.11.)

Social research reveals the aspects related to economic, political and social processes in society, regulatory environment and business. (→ 2.1.12.)