Who are they and how did people in leadership positions from the largest companies in Moldova reach the top? A detailed research on this topic has been made, for a period of 3 years, by the research and marketing consultancy company- Magenta Consulting, in collaboration with IPP. The results were presented at the annual meeting of the International Academy of Business (AIB), which took place on 3-6 of July 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The AIB Meeting, held annually in different countries, is one of the most important events in the field of international business, which brings the best consultants, researchers and practitioners from this domain, in front of more than 1,000 participants from all around the world.

This year, in Istanbul, for 3 days, 195 sessions were held in which over 700 issues related to new theories, research and case studies in international business were raised.

Dumitru Slonovschi, Magenta Consulting CEO: "The project named "The empirical study of the management's labor market", and its presentation at which we participated, in November, is an international one, conducted for 3 years now, in Switzerland, Albania, Romania and Moldova, at the initiative of Swiss University "St. Gallen". Moreover, the fact that the choice of partners for the study took into account the reputation, experience and quality, is a gratifying confirmation for our team that the research and consultancy delivered by Magenta Consulting is indeed appreciated. We have already 7 years of valuable expertise, we were recognized as the best consultants of CIS for the year, and we are the first company in Moldova certified by ESOMAR to guarantee the customer's confidentiality of information. "

Lucia CASAP, Magenta Consulting Principal Investigator: "Over the years that the research lasted, through face to face interviews and internet resources, we collected and analyzed data on 340 employees with high management ranks - directors, managers and executives - from 249 companies in the country. We had to overcome some difficulties related to the reluctance of people from these leadership positions in granting us interviews, but in the end, we obtained a representative survey on this topic, conducted for the first time in our country. "

Thus, the study, conducted in the Republic of Moldova, revealed that 73% of the top employees are men. Most representatives of the analyzed segment had between 30-40 years, which is the age range characteristic to self-realization and the maximum fructification of their abilities.

The average activity in the leading positions is of 7.3 years. Persons holding such positions experience a rapid ascent in their function in most cases, or at least remain at the top management positions. This can be explained by the fact that top management people can really demonstrate their administrator capabilities and stand out from the rest of the employees, quickly advancing to the leadership position.

The traditional model of ascension, from mere employee to the top management position and then to the leading one, is one of the most commonly met. However, there is a fairly large percentage of employees who went from the lower level straight into management positions (22%) and those who were directly employed for management positions (12%). The untraditional way of ascending is explained by the fact that some people, after graduation, decide to create a company and thus, immediately become leading people, or in cases of family businesses, children take leading positions in their parents' company right from the benches of higher educational institutions.

The model of ascension in the career depends on the size of the company the person is engaged in. Thus, for top employees of medium and large companies a more difficult ascent is characteristic. The number of employees running, but also the range of criteria required for the leadership position, determine this model.  

Women have a stormier ascension on the hierarchical ladder of the companies, but in many cases, they remain stuck at the middle level. This can be partly explained by the appearance of children in their life and the need to suspend their career for the family's sake.

The full text of Magenta Consulting's research, with graphs and conclusions can be found on http://consulting.md/eng/articles/ascensiune-in-cariera