Retail audit

Retail audit permits suppliers to evaluate their sales through retail chains compared to the competitors’ ones. The comparative evaluation is done for such parameters as price, value and volume of sales in different product categories and brands, volumes of product stocks in deposit, share of different suppliers, goods and brands in the sales structure, share of different types of packaging.

As result, the client gets exhaustive information regarding positioning of different suppliers and brands in certain product groups, bestselling products and trends in the studied product group.

Magenta Consulting provides retail audit reports that are based on the data obtained directly from several retail and drug store chains in Moldova. The report results are aggregated for several retail chains, as the exact figures pertaining the sales of a concrete retail chain are commercial secret and cannot be disclosed.

Retail audit is an expensive research method. If a client is satisfies with the information that can be obtained during simple visiting a number of retail outlets and collecting information on prices, assortment, merchandising, promo materials and promotions, then such a research is called store check, and it is significantly cheaper.