Usage & Attitude

This service represents a complex market research that includes quantitative data collection and analysis, related to customers and consumers. We study level of consumption, particularities of consumption and customers’ attitude towards the product.

The three most important areas studied are:

  • Consumer awareness about the brand, product and advertising
  • Product consumption, including the information regarding the volumes, frequency and method of consumption.
  • Product purchasing, including the source of purchase, frequency, volume and price.

The results of such studies permit developing customer patterns for both, current consumers of certain goods and the ones that currently do not buy the product or choose competitors’ offerings.

Revealing the customers’ habits and preferences allows us identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the studied products, customer’s attitude to the brand image and the market size.  This information is needed for optimization of the marketing activity and reduction of the risks related to the incorrect product positioning. Also, this type of the research permits evaluating effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Basing on the results of Usage & Attitude studies it possible to do market segmentation.