Customers’ loyalty development

Magenta Consulting is developing from scratch and is correcting existing strategies related to customers’ loyalty development. This is a complex service provided to existing business entities that already have a client base. This service combines consulting with quantitative and qualitative research methods.

We define loyalty as unconditional positive customers’ attitude and emotional affinity with a product or service provider.  One should not confuse loyal customers and the ones that are motivated to continue purchasing by price discounts or the ones that keep on purchasing habitually or due to a convenient outlet location.

Magenta Consulting does not have an objective to make loyal all the existing client’s customers, as in most of cases this is not in line with the clients’ long-term interest. As a rule, a big part of existing customers is not profitable for most of the companies. We consider the definition of loyalty only in the context of profitability for our clients and we aim to rise loyalty of only the most profitable and wished customers.