Magenta National Screening

This is a research performed by our company periodically, according to the omnibus methodology. It provides detailed information referring products and services, while the subjects can vary from food to cars sales. Additionally, the final report provides the segmentation of consumer.

The research is made on a sample of 1400 respondents aged over 15 years from 24 urban centers of the country. It can be used efficiently at any stage of the marketing process: in the phase of the product design, prior, during or after the advertising campaign. This type of research is used for determining:

  • The buying/consumption frequency;
  • Place of purchase;
  • Buyers’ preferences;
  • Client’s satisfaction;
  • Publicity perception;
  • Brand’s popularity;
  • Price perception etc.


  • Reduced costs for a representative research at national level
  • Data verified and renewed periodically
  • Possibility to include questions in the research
  • Opportunity to obtain only the data you need
  • Besides data you receive a thorough analysis of the results structured in a report.

Even if the questionnaire contains questions formulated by several clients, each client in part will receive only the answers to the addressed questions, in this way assuring the confidentiality of data.