Psychographic profiles

Marketing consists of consumers and obviously they all differ among each other. The difference consists in tastes, needs and preferences, life style, resources and even place of living. The demographic and psychographic data can improve considerably the marketing strategies; this kind of information is critical in determining What? Why? How? and for Whom? should the product be promoted. Psychographic profiles offer the possibility to create sets of homogenous segments that can be used to build strong predictive models in order to enhance marketing strategies’ efficiency.

Due to the validated methodologies, Magenta Consulting offers a new product which aims not only to describe a group of consumers from the demographic perspective, but also to explain their psychological peculiarities.

What does the  Psychographic Profile mean?

The Psychographic analysis presents a consumer’s portrait from several perspectives: the life style, personality type, interests, attitudes, value system and dominant motivations.

How is a Psychographic Profile obtained?

The Psychographic profile is predominantly obtained based on a questionnaire that includes a validated set of psychological questions. The questionnaires are applied on sample which is representative for the Republic of Moldova. The obtained set of data is statistically processed, where the psychological questions are clustered and correlated with the specific consumer behavior indicators. In the case of more detailed psychographic profile, the consumers’ portrait is additionally confirmed through the results obtained via focus groups, in-depth interviews and even psychological tests.

Why would you need the Psychological Profile?

The promotional messages are designed for consumers. Consumers vary greatly among each other in their preferences, tastes, visions and possibilities. Knowing of the psychological types and consumer preferences enhances the probability of the desired outcomes of a target oriented promotional campaign. Psychographics is useful, because it can provide the necessary insight for creating a product or a promotional campaign  that will highlight not the product’s characteristics, but the benefits it can bring the customers.

Why Magenta Consulting?

For the first time in the Republic of Moldova a market research encloses validated clusters of psychological measures. That makes us to be first to offer validated psychographics. When we refer to the concept of validation we mean the precision of the obtained data, the criteria that the psychological tools shall meet in order to obtain a profile that will be scientifically supported and at the same time will reflect the reality. Our tools are validated on a sample which is representative for Moldova. At the moment, our methodologies exceed local and foreign consulting companies, from the quality point of view, in the domain of marketing and psychology research. Excellence in the consumer behavior research is obtained due to the collaborative efforts of the interdisciplinary team of Magenta Consulting.