Testing of advertising and packaging

We recommend that our clients test the effectiveness of their advertising materials before launching an advertising campaign.  The world experience shows that even changing a title of printed ads can change the number of the people who read the whole advertising text from tens to hundreds of percent. It is also true for images. If the total advertising budget is high, it makes sense to invest more in advertising development and testing, therefore launching those ads that would bring the highest return of customers and sales. Speaking about absolute values, the difference of even 20-30% is sales’ growth, due to the use of a more efficient advertising, will cover with usury the expenses related to its developing and testing, bringing to the client tangible additional profits.

Pre-testing of advertising is also needed, because very often advertising agencies are getting to much involved in competing to each other in creativity. This results in the fact, that advertising is noticed by customers, but it doesn’t not influence the buying decision, even if the customers generally liked the advertising. Therefore, often even after sound and massive advertising campaigns, the real company’s profits do not grow. Pre-testing of advertising permits avoiding this risk.

Packaging also serves as advertising for a product. The share of spontaneous purchases for FMCG category is equal to somewhat 30%, though varies depending on country and type of the product. This means that almost one third of the shop visitors purchase not the brand they initially intended to buy, and one fifth of the customers buys products from the unplanned categories.  In this case, it is critically important that the product sells itself from the shelf by capturing consumer attention and standing out comparing to the competing products.

Testing of advertising is based on qualitative research methods such as focus groups and in-depth interviews. Additionally to that, Magenta Consulting provides and innovative service, new to Moldova but well-recognized in international practice, called Eye Tracking. This service permits to objectively identify to what elements of advertising or packaging does the customer really looks, or did he or she see the product at all, therefore eliminating subjectivity of the study.