Social research

Social research does not relate to the marketing one, however, it shares the same research tools.

Social studies include censuses and public opinion surveys with the scope of identifying the attitude of the population towards different socio-political phenomenon, public initiatives and political decisions related to the society and state institutions. Social research helps identifying the level of society’s awareness of the processes that take place in such areas as health, education, social protection, justice, trade, human trafficking, e-government, tax and administrative reforms and others.

Besides surveying general public, such studies also include research of business society, public authorities, and also political surveys that are carried out by Magenta Consulting on a regular base.

Social research often requires not only identification of facts, but also interpretation of results and developing recommendations focused on different processes optimization, reduction of negative factors’ impact, industry promotional strategy development and other activities that imply consulting.  Magenta has a vast experience in delivering consultancy support to social studies in the field of public policies implemented by public authorities at the stage of their development or correction.